Maui Timeshare GiveAway Contest!

Imagine being able to come to Maui for a week every year and not have to pay
a cent for hotel accommodations... With Maui Aloha Greetings' Maui Timeshare GiveAway Contest, you could be the lucky winner of a beautiful vacation condo on the 'Valley Isle', yours to use, rent, or trade for one week every year!

Our unique Maui Timeshare GiveAway Contest promotion works like this:

For each Timeshare GiveAway Contest Postcards you purchase from us at $15. (or buy two Cards for just $25.), you will be entered for a chance to win a time-share condo in the Maui Aloha Greetings Maui Timeshare GiveAway Contest. There is no limit on the number of times you can enter each round of our Contests. Each Card you purchase gives you one {1} chance at winning the Grand Prize of a time-share condo on the beautiful Island of Maui! Contestants are required to simply submit a suggested title for the image featured on our Timeshare GiveAway Contest Post Card.

Grand-prize winners will have the option of being awarded ownership of a time-share condo on Maui or a two-week vacation for {2} (including airfare from anywhere in the U.S.!) at the fabulous Napili Kai Beach Resort on beautiful Napili Bay,  one of Maui's loveliest beaches.

Winning entries/image titles will be determined/selected by a panel of judges (including photographer Carrll Robilotta) and featured on future production runs for our postcards. [In the event of two or more entries being submitted with the same suggested image title, finalists will be contacted to submit an alternate suggested title].

For every 15,000 Timeshare GiveAway Contest Postcards sold, we will award the lucky winner of our Contest the Grand Prize of a Maui time-share condo or a two-week stay for {2} at the Napili Kai Beach Resort. First, second, and third prizes will also  be awarded!

Time-share condos we will be awarding are located in Kihei and Ka'anapali,            such as the Ka'anapali Beach Club. [Ka'anapali Beach Club/Diamond Resorts is not affiliated with Maui Aloha Greetings' Maui Timeshare GiveAway Contest nor do they endorse this site or its contents].

Due to the structure of our Timeshare GiveAway Contest, we cannot announce    specific prize award dates for each Contest round; instead, prizes will be   awarded for every 15,000 Timeshare GiveAway Contest Postcards sold--amazing  odds for prizes of this caliber! [Revenues from the sale of our Timeshare GiveAway Contest Postards will be held in a Trust account until 15,000 cards are sold for each Contest round].

Our vision is to hold our Maui Timeshare GiveAway Contest on a regular, ongoing
basis: as soon as one Contest round comes to an end, a new Contest round will
begin. With the number of visitors Maui sees on an annual basis, our projection
is that 15,000 Cards can be sold within a 3 year time-frame--quite possibly

Contest prize winners will be announced at a gala event held at one of Maui's premiere resorts. Award recipients will be announced in Maui newspapers and media, as well as on this website.

Five percent of the proceeds from the gross revenues generated from the sale
of our Timeshare GiveAway Contest Greeting Cards will be donated to Feed My Sheep,
a Maui-based organization dedicated to feeding the hungry.

How to enter:

Click on either of the drop-down menus on this page to add the desired quantity  of Timeshare GiveAway Contest PostCards to your Shopping Cart. The price of our Maui Timeshare GiveAway Contest Cards are $15. each. Two Cards may be purchased  for just $25. [Each subsequent Card is $15. for one Card or $25. for two Cards]. We accept all major credit cards or payment through PayPal in our Shopping Cart. Upon receipt of payment, we will email you confirmation for each Card
purchased. Your Card(s) will be sent to you via First Class Mail. Upon receiving
your Card(s), simply email us your suggested image title.

Maui Timeshare GiveAway Contest Card numbers are registered with your purchase   (along with your name & contact information) in our Timeshare GiveAway Contest Registry. For confirmation, your initials and Maui Timeshare GiveAway Contest Card number(s) will also be listed on our website's registry. [In the interest of     privacy, only your initials are used for the online registry].
In order to complete your entry, we ask that you email us your suggested image title upon receiving your Card(s).

The next best thing to winning a Time-share condo on Maui is having one of your friends win one! These Cards make a great gift and if one of your friends should   be drawn as the winner, you would likely be vacationing in Maui as well!

~  {1} Grand Prize winner will receive fully-deeded ownership to a time-share             condo on the beautiful Island of Maui [Timeshare will be for one {1} week per           year]. Alternatively, Grand Prize winners can select a two-week vacation for         {2} (including airfare from anywhere in the U.S.) at the beautiful Napili Kai Beach          Resort, instead of the time-share condo.
~  {1} First Prize winner will receive two {2} round-trip tickets to Maui from                 anywhere in the Continental U.S. aboard Hawai'ian Airlines.
~  {5} Second Prize winners will receive a signed, limited-edition 20x30 print
    by Maui photographer Carrll Robilotta.
~  {10} Third Place winners will receive a collection of ten {10} Maui Aloha Greetings Postcards.

Winners will be notified via email and telephone. Verification of winners' identities will be required prior to awarding their prizes.

Maui Timeshare GiveAway Contest winners agree to allow Maui Aloha Greetings to use their names & likenesses for advertising and promotional purposes in relation to  our Timeshare GiveAway Contests without further compensation.

Please note that you must be at least {18} years of age to enter our
Timeshare GiveAway Contest. [Winners assume all costs associated with the maintenance and management fees of their Maui time-share condo, including property taxes. Winners will have the right to sell or trade ownership of their    Maui Timeshare].

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