Carrll's Bio

A third-generation photographer, Carrll Robilotta has been capturing evocative images on film since the late 70’s. Using a Nikonos III, his photographic journey began in Manhattan Beach, California when he started shooting his passion sport of surfing from the water. “The arrangement I had with my high school buddies was that I’d buy the camera if we all took turns taking pictures of one another. As it turned out, they ended up with most of the pictures and I ended up with a monstrous bill at FotoMat!” 

Moving to the Caribbean in 1980, the aspiring lensman graduated to a Nikon F3 and began to  examine his new tropical island home through the viewfinder. Experimenting with composition and exposure, his ten-year stint on the Island of Montserrat yielded a treasure-trove of images that remain dear to him to this day.

Shortly after relocating to Hawai’i in 1990, Carrll was asked to photograph a friend’s wedding and subsequently began a new career as a wedding & portrait photographer. “My great-grandfather & grandfather were both portrait photographers,” he explains. “In a sense, I feel that I’m carrying on their legacy when I photograph people.
“Everyone has something to pass along to the generations that follow. The act of photographing people is a unique interaction between the camera & subject; it’s also a portal between the past, present, and future: a well-taken photograph will communicate something of the subject’s character to their progeny, in a sense becoming three-dimensional and transcendent.” 

The photographer sees landscape photography in a parallel light:  “It can transport the viewer   to a fond memory of a particular time & place, or somewhere they’d like to find themselves. 
“In seeking to capture the beauty of Maui’s diverse landscapes & moods, I see the resulting images as ways of interpreting & communicating God’s marvelous creation. History of people and places occurs continually; I revel in being a part of the process that contributes to the recording and preservation of it.
To me, photography is both the subject and vehicle of perpetuating a legacy—the one I’ve inherited and the one my children will someday inherit…if I ever have any!

"Thank you for considering the purchase of my images.  I hope they'll serve as a happy reminder   of your time in Maui, whether visitor or resident."

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email to book Carrll for your Maui wedding or family portrait. The photographer is also available for weddings anywhere on the planet.

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